Can I get a Settlement Agreement Online?

Can I get a Settlement Agreement Online?

The simple answer is yes. At settlement Agreement Services of Swindon, we offer a fully remote settlement agreement service to help you get the best deal if your employment comes to an end. Via phone calls, email or video call, we will help you negotiate your settlement agreement and provide you with the expertise you need.

In an age when face to face meetings are no longer always common place, there is no reason why legal services such as settlement agreement services and getting access to good legal advice shouldn't be accessible to everyone. Gone are the days when trustworthy employment legal advice was reserved only for the wealthy. We are pleased to offer remote settlement agreement services to anyone who needs them at a reasonable cost.

How to use our online settlement agreement service:

If you have already been provided with your settlement agreement and you are happy with the terms set out, then our specialist employment solicitors will review your settlement agreement with you and sign it off. By using our online settlement agreement service, we can offer a very quick, and efficient turnaround without the need to wait for an appointment.

Step 1:

Get in touch with us, and send us a copy of your settlement agreement, your employment contract, and any other documents you feel are relevant to your settlement agreement or the end of your employment.

Step 2:

We will arrange a call with a specialist settlement agreement solicitor. Our solicitor will go through your settlement agreement with you, explaining anything which may be unclear or confusing and provide specialist legal advice on the terms set out within the settlement agreement. If your solicitor finds any terms that are unfair or unreasonable, we will contact your employer and request amendments on your behalf.
The settlement agreement advice call typically takes less than an hour depending on the complexity of your settlement agreement.

Step 3:

If your settlement agreement needs to be negotiated, we will deal directly with your employer to get you the best and fairest settlement agreement figure possible. You may have already tried to negotiate with your employer, but this is where using a specialist settlement agreement can really benefit your situation. Contact us today for the best advice and an online settlement agreement service you can rely upon.

Benefits of using our online settlement agreement service:

It's fast

With our remote settlement agreement service, there's no need to wait for an appointment to talk to a solicitor about your situation. You will get fast, easy access to a specialist settlement agreement layer with no need to wait. Contact us now for a speedy settlement agreement service that you can trust.

It's efficient

There's no need to visit our offices to use our settlement agreement services. Our team can assist you quickly and efficiently from where ever you are in the UK. We can talk you through the full process via phone, email or video call and always be assured you are in safe hands.

It's cost effective

Reducing travel costs and meeting times can lead to cheaper settlement agreement fees. Your employer will often pay your settlement agreement costs but that's not always the case, especially if you need to negotiate. You can read more about settlement agreement costs here.

Who Are Settlement Agreement Services of Swindon?

We are expert solicitors, and settlement agreements are all we do. Specialising in helping clients facing redundancy or job termination, we are dedicated to getting the best deals for employees when their employment comes to an end.

If you need help and advice in negotiating the terms of your settlement agreement, we are here to offer the very best guidance. Put your trust in us, and we'll guarantee your exit package is the best it can be.